Sustainability at decoflair

A (d)eco-friendly approach

If protecting the environment and sustainable consumption are among your priorities, then this is something we have in common. Decoflair is a brand of the NMC group which places sustainable development and the well-being of future generations at the heart of its principles.

Since the 1980s, NMC has been a pioneer in terms of sustainable development. It became the first company of its sector to eliminate the use of CFCs (gases that are harmful to the ozone layer) and to start recycling its raw materials. Since then, the group has been constantly updating its management and production systems to reduce its environmental impact.

sustainability map

Decoflair decorative elements are fairly manufactured in Belgium and Germany and supply European markets, thereby also reducing the carbon footprint caused by their transport.

Our main production site in Belgium houses one of the largest photovoltaic installations in Wallonia.

Decoflair production

The installation has a production capacity of 2200 MWh/year, which would satisfy the average annual needs of 827 Belgian households.


We have a total of 39,559m² of solar panels on the ground and on our rooftops, which is equivalent to 5.5 football pitches.


97% of the water used in the production of extruded decorative elements is recycled and reintegrated into the next production cycle. We thus operate with closed water circuits to minimise our consumption and water pollution.

zero loss

We recycle approximately 100% of production waste in our own facilities. Damaged profiles are ground up and reused in the next production run.

green energy

All of our cornices, skirtings, ceiling roses, design elements, indirect lighting profiles, wall panels, chair rails and ceiling tiles are produced with 100% green energy.

eco-friendly packaging

We do the utmost to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging. Among other measures, all our cardboard boxes are FSC certified and reach a recycling rate of at least 70%.

recycled materials

Our products made of extruded polystyrene consist of 30% or more recycled material – and the trend rising!

blue angel

Decoflair skirtings and cover skirtings are certified with the "Blauer Engel" label, which is awarded to products with a low environmental impact.

operation clean sweep

We are committed to "Operation Clean Sweep", whereby we try to eliminate the accidental loss of pellets and powder from our raw materials and thus prevent their introduction into waterways and the sea.